Help Us

Dear Friends,

When James and I started collaborating together in 2012, we set ourselves the challenge to produce engaging and boundary pushing performances on a shoestring of a budget.

The aim was, and still is, to produce work that speaks about sensitive and human issues and explore them in a brutal, honest and somewhat breathtaking way.

Fragility has produced a series of socially responsible creations in the last two years, from using clowning at music festivals to talk to children about divorce, to using massive tanks of water in a performance for teenagers about sexuality and bullying, we want to remain at the front of the game and with our social messages still ringing in people's ears.

2015 is a real opportunity for us to start establishing our reputation both at home and abroad, but we need your help through donations of not just money, but also of goods and time, to really help reach new goals.

Here is a list of just some of the things that we could use from you in the coming year:

- Help with funding our visas for a collaboration with Built For Collapse
- Donations of money, Air Miles or flights to help us reach our 2016 venues, - A new office space in London to orchestrate our outreach work, plan our tour schedules and run the day to day life of the partnership from. - Cheap or discounted flyer and/or poster printing
- People with experience in Arts funding are encouraged to volunteer time to help us reach the next chapter.

We always appreciate those who help us, and in return for your help you we can offer you the following:

- Space for your logo, brand or product to be advertised on our website.
- Thanks for your donation in our printed media.
- Your logo on printed show posters and/or flyers.
- Cheap or even free tickets for your employees to our performances or workshops relevant to what your business does.

James, Jasmine and I are always overwhelmed by the support our audiences give us. With your help we can continue to expand, grow and flourish together.

To make a simple, one off, financial donation, click the button below, or to discuss ways that you can make a substantial monetary or in kind gift, email

Many Thanks

Andrew Silverwood

Co Director