fra·gili·ty n. the quality of being fragile; delicate, easily broken, damaged, or destroyed; frail.

"Make performances that are dangerous. Dangerous in content, style and execution. Take something fragile and throw it around the room. Be brutal and be relentless, what is left at the end is the performance"

Fragility is an award winning partnership of performers based in London, UK.

We play with biographic and autobiographical stimuli. We are interested by real stories from real people, or at least stories that are stimulated by something real. We create performances that are explorative, adventurous and multi-disciplinary. We use things like acting, movement, music, film and live art.

We want to create something aesthetically pleasing, but also want dynamic and justifiable content. We push boundaries but like to be easily accessible to our audience.

In our first two years we devised and performed five bodies of work at platforms including:

Greenwich Summer Festival, Lounge on the Farm Music Festival, Old Red Lion Theatre, Prague Fringe, Soho Theatre, STOFF Stockholm Fringe, Volcano 229 High Street, Whitstable Biennale Satellite

As well as performing, we run workshops and seminars about physical theatre, devising and having a career in the performing arts.

Information on where and when we will be performing is available from our home page.