Play Dates

Occasionally we host play dates around the country.
Sometimes these are public and for money and sometimes these are used as skill swaps between invited artists and Fragility. We're busy planning a new initiative as you read this, but the best way to stay up to date with where we are and what we'll be covering in our workshops is to sign yourself up to the mailing list on this page.

Fragility in Schools

In response to a growing demand for physical and devised theatre training, both in education and as an extra curricular activity, Fragility have adapted our training methodology so that it can be taught in line with the syllabi of GCSE, A Level and BTEC courses, and also developed a programme that can teach beyond the curriculum. We are most happy when communicating with you, as a teacher, to build a programme to fit you curricular or extra curricular programme.


Frequently asked workshop questions:

Do I have to see your performances to book a workshop / do I have to book a workshop to take my student to your show?

Both our performances and workshops are designed to be able to work independently of other in order to give you the flexibility to choose how much you indulge into our work and process. However, the workshops and the performances do compliment each other and if we are performing near to you, we'd love to see you at our show. Most venues we work with offer great discounts for students and teachers.

What is your Public Liability Insurance and can we have a copy of your certificate?

Members of our partnership are insured, as members of Equity, up to £10million, for work both on stage and in workshop settings. We're happy to email you a copy of our certificate if you mention it when booking.

How set are your prices?

The prices are variable depending on where you are geographically, how many students you want us to work with. how long you want to work with us and what you want us to teach. We know times are tough and budgets are tight, that's why we recommend you talk to us about your needs, then we can send you a quote.

How set are your workshop content, participant numbers and running times?

They aren’t. We’re flexible to work around you, your availability, your class sizes and budget. What you find on the websites is a guide of a programme. Fragility is an experimental and adaptable partnership who are happy to work as close to or as far from the National Curriculum as you require, but bare in mind that we are happiest talking about movement based physical and devised theatre, units we know are covered by both GCSE and BTEC syllabi from a variety of boards.

Can we leave you alone with our students

Whilst company members have been checked CRB/DBS checked prior to working with Fragility, we would prefer to have your staff present in workshops. This will help you with follow up teaching exercises and helps us to focus on teaching, not behavioral management

What is your professional experience?

A biography of our company is available on our About page and individual company performers CVs are available upon request. The partnership works to devise ensemble based theatre and not stars. For this reason, our personal CVs do not appear on our website.

Every Fragility representative working in schools has experience working with young people including previous workshop and seminar leading experience and TIE training and tours.

Everyone representing Fragility in our education programme has come from an accredited drama or music school and the partnership directors trained in units which included workshop leading during their time at Rose Bruford.

What cost do we have to pay towards your travel?

This is something we can usually only work out on an individual basis.

Any other questions can be emailed to or sent attached to your booking form.