A new way to experience something real in London.

You'll need:
A friend | Two iPhones or iPads | Two hours | Headphones

In Summer 2015, physical and biographical performance makers, Fragility, will do something different and are proud to present an audio play so fictional that it might just be real, in collaboration with Tempus Fugit, SWE.

Using GPRS, users will only be able to listen to the story when they are within 20 metres of where it was set, as they follow He around london on the day that She walked into his life and dared him to live "just for one day."

He works in a menial, post graduate job, and She only has six hours left to kill before her flight out of here. He takes a risk, leaves his job, and we follow them as they chase each other around Charing Cross, through Covent Garden and back down into St James' as they try to have the best date ever, all in one day.

There's revelations and confusion along the way and not everything is innocent in this lovely summer fairytale.

We encourage you to share this experience with someone you love.

Tempus Fugit is free to download by searching the app store and our story of One Day, One Date is available as an in app purchase from July 3rd (TBC) until October 2015 at a cost of £1.79.

The play should take between 2-4 hours to complete, depending on how long you choose to live in the dates and every location is wheelchair accessible.

Told by: Andrew Silverwood & Maria Negoita | Audio Direction by: Rowan Fox-Noble | Development by: Rebecka Pershagen, Tempus Fugit, SE