"A young mans’ delicate and honest account of aspects of his sexuality"
- Multi Story Theatre Company

"Bold, sophisticated and took care of its audience without being didactic"
-Built For Collapse Theatre Company

"Jessica" is the name my parents gave to me when I was being.. a bit... you know?

From the fall backwards at Elephant and Castle to Jammy Dodgers, roll up cigarettes, sexual hunger and ruby red slippers, Fragility presents "Jessica", a sensory exploration of recounting memories. This performance art piece delves into the world of regret where a young man finds himself looking backwards, unknowingly living in a memory.

How can retell our deepest moments of bliss and sorrow, finally putting them to bed so that we can live?

"Jessica" began life as "Passeistes" which premièred at Prague Fringe 2013.

Jessica needs to catch up on her beauty sleep.
More Tour dates coming soon.